dsc00934We believe

That children are entitled to a safe, clean, and healthy environment in which the atmosphere is secure and oriented to their needs

We believe

In the individuality and uniqueness of each child, the importance of providing developmentally appropriate activities that foster development of body , mind and spirit and in participatory play as the most positive avenue of learning . We also believe opportunities for optimal learning occur at the child’s own pace and in his or her unique style

We believe

In positive methods of discipline that are relevant, related and respectful; that establish consistent age appropriate limits; that foster independence, interdependence, and responsibility through conflict resolution; and that preserve and enhance the child’s developing self-esteem and self-image

We endeavor

To develop a respectful partnership with families. We believe in the celebration of diversity and the importance of establishing an atmosphere in which all people feel accepted and respected!

We believe

In a caring atmosphere that fosters creativity and positive self-image for all is vital to a child’s positive emotional, social, and cognitive growth and development

We value

The many unique gifts we offer one another as we travel together along this path we call life

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